Heavy Loot Bag [salt]

Are you bored or without a home? Today is your lucky day. Join [Salt] for the fun, fights, PPT, nightcrew action you are looking for. Accepting veterans or anyone willing to learn and communicate. Pvx Guild. Pm Battlebug.8279

Recruitment post by Blue/Red Flagor

The Hammer Crew [RED] is a new WvW Guild. We are looking for players who want to play proper builds, improve as a team and join our closed and open raids with the needed class. So if you want to be a part of The Hammer Crew or get more informations /w Red Flagor/Feuerstern.1952

Guild name: The Hammer Crew
Guild tag: [RED]

Looking for: -loyal teamwork mentality
-join our guild raids and open tags
-constantly trying to improve
-play the needed class

Contacts: Feuerstern.1952 (Flagor)

Recruitment post by melkor

(DESO) wDF-When Darkness Fall is looking for players, who like roaming-small scale and is a place where non-meta players are welcome.

Our goal is creating a place for roamers and gankers. Most of the time we are playing alone and the idea with this guild is “lets make a team instead of roaming alone”

You dont have to represent, We wont do any uprade for this guild. Just for communicate between small scale players.

All WvW players are welcome as long as you are looking for roam-ganks-small scale with a team.