Minky is currently rebuilding the entire site and builds system with some suspiciously complex stuff..
We’re talking automatic build code generation, Name to ID swaps, software what doesn’t suck..
and from the sound of things getting slapped, Minky will need time and/or help.

Meanwhile, check out more up to date builds on:

  • Rune IDs

    For use with GW2ITEM shortcode.usage: [gw2item id=”ITEMID” size=”40″ inline-text=”wiki”] ITEMID required, can be 0 to display empty.size=”value” optional, defaults to 40px if left out.Inline-text=”text” optional, defaults to gw2wiki link if left out.Upgrade=””/infusion=””/skin=””/Stat=”” not yet supported 38206 : Superior Rune of Altruism 48907 : Superior Rune of Antitoxin 24765 : Superior Rune of Balthazar 24732 :…

  • GW2Armory usage

    We use GW2armory all over the site for our builds. As a reference, I’m making this page to show off all the parameters and compatibility with it, and how our how uses it in the choosy system. The first thing you should do is add the script into the page or global footer to call…