How to become a GvG blob 101

Squad and party composition In every squad, there can be up to 50 people. Boon distribution in this game is party based, therefore we aim to make 5 man parties as most of the skills are 5 man target capped. The most important backbone of the party is a support firebrand. It provides the party […]

Tempest (dagger+focus) gameplay guide

Introduction and role This guide is all about making you good at playing Tempest in WvW! After reading and understanding this guide, you will hopefully be able to support your party in the squad with massive cleanses and more! This is a secondary support build, the first one being your party’s Firebrand. Your job will […]

Herald Gameplay guide

Hammer skills (Ranged) (Hammer 1) will be used after all your other Hammer skills are unavailable for single target damage. However, take into account that hammer bolt can be reflected. (Hammer 2) is your bread and butter damage skill, land it as often as possible. Try to not have anyone targeted if casting this skill, […]

Spellbreaker Basics

Tanky, can confidently follow the tag anywhere. Has a lot of mobility, hard to pin down, can easily get back to tag if separated. Cheaper gearing options available (e.g. one can use cleric stats instead of minstrel, for even more healing and a DPS increase at the cost of some health and boon duration). The […]

Scrapper gameplay guide

WvW Support Scrapper guideText from discontinued Vabbi websiteEdited by: Lyra (Nicksorr) Always stay right behind the commander and face towards the commander. This way the cone-shaped skills hits the players on tag. Spam #1 and #2 on med kit. Use the med kit when you see allies on low health, time it correctly and don’t […]

Scourge Gameplay Guide

 Your primary job as Scourge is to corrupt enemies, you want to remain as close as possible to the commander, and only venture off slightly in order to land corrupts. You have limited access to stun breaks, so you are somewhat reliant on team members to keep you healthy and safe – so try to […]

Trinkets from Living World Season 4 and IceBrood Saga

More Stat select-able trinkets available on the newer maps.These map currencies are easy to get with WvW reward tracks. The Icebrood Saga drops so much and allows you to trade them for LS4 map currencies (Eternal Ice). Living World Season 4 Trinkets Details Slot Where 2000 volatile Magic + 100 Difluorite Ring LS4E2 (SandSwept Isles) […]

Infusions – a guide


Infusions are a type of upgrade component that go into infusion slots, which can be found on all ascended and legendary equipment (except amulets). The Types: These are Offensive Stat Infusions and also give +1% damage against Guards, Lords and Supervisors. These are Defensive Stat Infusions and also give -1% damage from Guards, Lords and Supervisors. Note:While it’s not required, you might want […]

Rune IDs

For use with GW2ITEM shortcode.usage: [gw2item id=”ITEMID” size=”40″ inline-text=”wiki”] ITEMID required, can be 0 to display empty.size=”value” optional, defaults to 40px if left out.Inline-text=”text” optional, defaults to gw2wiki link if left out.Upgrade=””/infusion=””/skin=””/Stat=”” not yet supported 38206 : Superior Rune of Altruism 48907 : Superior Rune of Antitoxin 24765 : Superior Rune of Balthazar 24732 : […]

GW2Armory usage

We use GW2armory all over the site for our builds. As a reference, I’m making this page to show off all the parameters and compatibility with it, and how our how uses it in the choosy system. The first thing you should do is add the script into the page or global footer to call […]