Minky is currently rebuilding the entire site and builds system with some suspiciously complex stuff..
We’re talking automatic build code generation, Name to ID swaps, software what doesn’t suck..
and from the sound of things getting slapped, Minky will need time and/or help.

Meanwhile, check out more up to date builds on:

  • Power Core Guardian build

    Power Core Guardian build

    A dps build specializing in quick, low-cooldown, pinpoint damage spikes at both 900 and 1200 range.

  • Old firebrand game play guide

    Old firebrand game play guide

    1. Skill overview 1a. Staff Staff 1: Mostly irrelevant. But the only other 1200 range skill of a Firebrand (other than line of warding). Use it for spam or if the commander asks for range pew pew/ to put enemies into combat.  Staff 2: Small heals (4 pulses) + blast inside circle – Use it…

  • Squad build: Firebrand (2022)

    Squad build: Firebrand (2022)

    Role: Boons, heals, CC Difficulty: Medium Role Firebrand is known to be a backbone to a party. It recently got transformed into insane boonbot with small amount of healing. In this guide we will be covering effective skill usage as well as the complete basics of the class. Weapons and utility skills As our weapons,…