Minky is currently rebuilding the entire site and builds system with some suspiciously complex stuff..
We’re talking automatic build code generation, Name to ID swaps, software what doesn’t suck..
and from the sound of things getting slapped, Minky will need time and/or help.

Meanwhile, check out more up to date builds on:

  • Scrapper gameplay guide

    Scrapper gameplay guide

    WvW Support Scrapper guideText from discontinued Vabbi websiteEdited by: Lyra (Nicksorr) Always stay right behind the commander and face towards the commander. This way the cone-shaped skills hits the players on tag. Spam #1 and #2 on med kit. Use the med kit when you see allies on low health, time it correctly and don’t…

  • Squad Build: heal Scrapper

    Squad Build: heal Scrapper

    The backbone of any group’s sustain, scrappers offer the highest possible healing throughput, top-notch cleanse capability, high quickness uptime for themselves and their allies and utility such as superspeed and stealth. The main source of healing is the . The main sources of cleanses are and . comes from F1 (), F5 () and the…