Tempest (dagger+focus) gameplay guide

Introduction and role This guide is all about making you good at playing Tempest in WvW! After reading and understanding this guide, you will hopefully be able to support your party in the squad with massive cleanses and more! This is a secondary support build, the first one being your party’s Firebrand. Your job will […]

Heal Staff Tempest

Role : strong heals, strong ranged CC Difficulty : easy Trait variants Arcane – self sustain at the cost of self vigor – extra utility at the cost of ranged CC (use this if you’re not playing with Arcane Wave) Skill variants Wash the pain away, flash freeze and rebound should be part of every […]

DPS staff Weaver

Role : ranged damage and CC Difficulty : very hard Trait variantsFire lower cooldowns on FGS skills. Air more reliable damage modifier, great for burst damage .Weaver more dps at the cost of some vitality. Skill variants Lightning flash and twist of fate should be mandatory 99% of the time. The rest is situational. Check […]