Minky is currently rebuilding the entire site and builds system with some suspiciously complex stuff..
We’re talking automatic build code generation, Name to ID swaps, software what doesn’t suck..
and from the sound of things getting slapped, Minky will need time and/or help.

Meanwhile, check out more up to date builds on:

  • How to become a GvG blob 101

    Squad and party composition In every squad, there can be up to 50 people. Boon distribution in this game is party based, therefore we aim to make 5 man parties as most of the skills are 5 man target capped. The most important backbone of the party is a support firebrand. It provides the party…

  • Power Core Guardian build

    Power Core Guardian build

    A dps build specializing in quick, low-cooldown, pinpoint damage spikes at both 900 and 1200 range.

  • Tempest (dagger+focus) gameplay guide

    Tempest (dagger+focus) gameplay guide

    Introduction and role This guide is all about making you good at playing Tempest in WvW! After reading and understanding this guide, you will hopefully be able to support your party in the squad with massive cleanses and more! This is a secondary support build, the first one being your party’s Firebrand. Your job will…

  • Herald Gameplay guide

    Herald Gameplay guide

    Hammer skills (Ranged) (Hammer 1) will be used after all your other Hammer skills are unavailable for single target damage. However, take into account that hammer bolt can be reflected. (Hammer 2) is your bread and butter damage skill, land it as often as possible. Try to not have anyone targeted if casting this skill,…

  • Old firebrand game play guide

    Old firebrand game play guide

    1. Skill overview 1a. Staff Staff 1: Mostly irrelevant. But the only other 1200 range skill of a Firebrand (other than line of warding). Use it for spam or if the commander asks for range pew pew/ to put enemies into combat.  Staff 2: Small heals (4 pulses) + blast inside circle – Use it…

  • Spellbreaker Basics

    Spellbreaker Basics

    Tanky, can confidently follow the tag anywhere. Has a lot of mobility, hard to pin down, can easily get back to tag if separated. Cheaper gearing options available (e.g. one can use cleric stats instead of minstrel, for even more healing and a DPS increase at the cost of some health and boon duration). The…

  • Scrapper gameplay guide

    Scrapper gameplay guide

    WvW Support Scrapper guideText from discontinued Vabbi websiteEdited by: Lyra (Nicksorr) Always stay right behind the commander and face towards the commander. This way the cone-shaped skills hits the players on tag. Spam #1 and #2 on med kit. Use the med kit when you see allies on low health, time it correctly and don’t…

  • Scourge Gameplay Guide

    Scourge Gameplay Guide

     Your primary job as Scourge is to corrupt enemies, you want to remain as close as possible to the commander, and only venture off slightly in order to land corrupts. You have limited access to stun breaks, so you are somewhat reliant on team members to keep you healthy and safe – so try to…

  • Support Spellbreaker

    Support Spellbreaker

    General idea With the recent bubble changes, spellbreaker became a bit negligent in largescale fights, however it still provides any other values it had before.The most important skill still is the “Bubble”, . Coordinate with your commander and ask when does he want your bubble to be used and how. Support spellbreaker provides some healing,…

  • Heal Staff Tempest

    Heal Staff Tempest

    Role: strong heals, strong ranged CC Difficulty: easy Trait variants Arcane – self sustain at the cost of self vigor – extra utility at the cost of ranged CC (use this if you’re not playing with Arcane Wave) Skill variants Wash the pain away, flash freeze and rebound should be part of every support tempest…