Utility variants

  • - if you go yolo; block + burst healing
  • - if condis are a problem ; pulsing 5sec resistance (each sec 1 sec resistance ; good against condi rip/corrupts
  • - if you need more condi cleanse + squad cleanse
  • - if you need more condi cleanse (bad if there are a lot corrupts)
  • - if stab is a problem (good if there aren’t much corrupts)

Trait variations

  • - for extra heal and toughness (if supports suck –> works good with “Shake it off”)
  • - if condis are a problem
  • - protection (if supports suck)
  • - if you use shield/sword
  • - if you use shield/sword

Weapon variations

Sword/shield – if you need to be more tanky / longer fights (instead of a hammer; energy+ bloodlust sigils)

Sigil variations

  • 5% dmg buff
  • 3%dmg + 7% dmg vs stunned or knocked foes
  • 250 ferocity + precision for 4 sec after interrupting an enemy
  • stacking power

How to Play / Engagement:

Greatsword: #5 is a nice 1200 range movement skill to get into the enemies blob
Sword: #2 is a low cd 600 range leap
F1 Hammer: is a 600 range jump

Bubble Placement:
Defensive: a defensive bubble is placed if an enemy tries to push you. You basically stand in front of your commander and place your bubble. The enemies have only 2 choices… to run thru the bubble or retreat.
Offensive: an offensive bubble is if you jump into the enemy blob before your commander is engaging. Preferable you place yourself more to the backline of the enemy blob so they have the choice to push and start the fight or go back thru the bubble. its good to end pirate ship fights.
On Commander: place the bubble whenever and where the com wants it even if its a bad choice.
Area Denial: bubble can also be used to block ways for the enemies. they have either go thru them and eat the boon rip or move in the other direction.

Tips and Tricks

– you preferable want to use your balance stance when you move into the enemies. nothing is worse than starting a bubble and get interrupted and the bubble goes on cd.
you can even use balance stance and endurance pain after using the bubble and it won’t cancel it you can also use it during movement skills like greatsword #5
– sometimes it’s worth it to stay away from your commander and engage from aside. the video below shows an offensive bubble that’s placed from off tag and it ends a pirate ship fight.

General Rotation & Usage

– You preferably want to start with Greatsword and engage with #3 which got a nice evade frame and switch to hammer after it. It should give you enough adrenaline to use your first F1
: – Use your F1 which will not only rip boons ( 3 boon for each interrupt foe; no CD) if you interrupt foes it will also deal dmg + heals you for each interrupted foe (1500 dmg each interrupt foe + 1000 hp healing for each interrupt foe; no CD) – Use Hammer #4 knockback 5 more targets ( which will also proc the sigils) – Use Autoatack and Hammer skill #3 – Hammer skill #2 and #5 are only used on important targets – Switch to Greatsword
Greatsword: – Use your F1 – Skils like #2 and #3 are optional and used when needed for evade/placement and burst down foe stacks/downs – Until you can Switch backfill the time with Auto attacks
Fullcounter F2: – ALWAYS use it on Cooldown !! It´s not only giving you a nice evade frame it can also proc the two sigils on the hammer and one sigil while you are on greatsword when interrupting foes


– Your main sustain is coming from your passive heal from Adrenal Health which gives you 1 stack of 2k healing during 15sec ( can stack up to 3) so its important to land your f1´s and f2´s
– A big chunk of heal will also come from your Draining sigil which will heal you for 1000 Hp for each interrupted foe ( and also does ~ 1500 dmg)
– Your Healing Signet passive is healing you for 344 Hp per sec. Don’t activate it if you don’t need the 6sec Resistance as it will not heal you on cd !!!
– Time your dodges! You get vigor for 6sec if you use your stances
– Don’t waste your Endurance pain! Time it well with your passive endurance pain which will trigger if you are hit below 50% hp. ( they don’t stack)
– Time your balance stance! You get a passive one if you get disabled. Balance stance is not only giving you stability it also blocks all critical hits.





1st Ring: berserker
1st Accessory: berserker
Amulet: berserker
2nd Ring: berserker
2nd Accessory: berserker
Back: berserker

Main Specializations


Build Code

empty – not generated

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