Be Soft with the Tropical Feathered Cape and Cuddly Cat Jade Bot Skin

    Tropical Feathered Cape

    A sylvari wearing a colorful cape of feathers

    Become as graceful as a flock of birds with the Tropical Feathered Cape. These vibrant and fluffy feathers will let your true colors shine through!

    Cuddly Cat Jade Bot Skin

    Dreams come wrapped in rainbows with a new squishable, adorable jade bot skin! Use this item to unlock a new appearance option for your jade bot. To change your jade bot’s look, select it in the Hero panel and choose a skin.

    What’s in Stock

    We’re updating our seasonal selection of backpiece skins this week.

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    25% Off—Cat-Ear Hood Skin, Furrocious Cat Ears, Mini White Kitten, and Mini Orange Kitten

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    25% Off—Glint’s Gaze Mask, Glowing Green Mask, Glowing Crimson Mask, Mask of the Queen, Mask of the Jubilee, and Mask of the Crown

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