Balance patch July 16, 2019

Huge amount of changes this time amount, ruining some PVE and WVW meta builds.

Link to Wiki’s better laid out post including the updates what followed

As far as I know, Our guardian, warrior builds are still okay.
Some discussion about Mace/Axe variants for guards, and possibly some core burning guardian build for memes.
Healing engineer and Elementalist might need adjusting, best ask commander if they want anything special.

Ranger with buffed barrage looks good for taking out siege, though if you run it you will be expected to roam to towers/keeps and deal with siege before your team arrives and scout for resistance.

As far as I can tell, none of the build generation interface needs adjusting yet. Usually spot stuff when I have to update/make new builds.
I’ll need to fix up an Infusion function, but personally feel its not worth it as most players will not invest in them.