Inner defence

  • You can reach South West gate with Arrow Carts from upper Lords room.
  • Mortar on Mystic Forge can bombard (skill 5, Ability needed to be trained in mastery) South West gate, with aiming assistance inner north wall and Northern east/west areas.

Outer Defence

  • Most areas on North Inner can reach northern outer gates or walls.
  • Trebs on top of Lords can arc over gates/walls with range practice to hit catapults and rams. Aim for Shield gens if spotted as enemy will concentrate on shielding everything else
  • Trebs opposite each gate to supply drain attackers;
  • South eastern gate, you can put the treb up against the inner wall.
  • Eastern gate will have better luck from Main north inner gate, this can turn for West gate too.
  • Southwest gate can be hit by treb from West gate, which can turn to west to support defence there.