Alpine Garrison defensive siege

  • When deploying AC’s on walls, be inside on ground and throw upwards on the edge. that way only Elementalists and Scourge torch 5 can possibly hit.
  • AC’s in lords room should be built on middle floor or rooftop in chances of inner breach is high. The 1st floor ones will cover Outer areas too.

  • If a catapult is displayed against a wall, assume the firing direction is opposite to wall.
  • Either catapult or trebs on each inner gate of lords room, just to knock people off rams. This only works if rams are in front of gate and not on portal/sides.

  • General rule is 1 treb for each gate to knock people off rams or shoot over to drain supplies on full mastery.
  • Trebs on top of Lords room will hit outer gates/walls. Useful if northern towers are in enemy hands.
  • Offensive trebs can be built on supply huts. One on North eastern will hit Crag/Dawns tower wall.
  • Plenty of space on western side to allow a treb to hit 3 gates, a backup treb can be used to save time turning from South to East (Again if attacked Crag/Dawns side)
  • Shield generators not really needed until inner is attacked.
  • cover gates with 2-3 generators to provide rotations
  • Not needed unless enemy is being very annoying. better off with other siege as your vulnerable balista will be targeted by enemy balista or catapults instantly.

Inner defence

  • You can reach South West gate with Arrow Carts from upper Lords room.
  • Mortar on Mystic Forge can bombard (skill 5, Ability needed to be trained in mastery) South West gate, with aiming assistance inner north wall and Northern east/west areas.

Outer Defence

  • Most areas on North Inner can reach northern outer gates or walls.
  • Trebs on top of Lords can arc over gates/walls with range practice to hit catapults and rams. Aim for Shield gens if spotted as enemy will concentrate on shielding everything else
  • Trebs opposite each gate to supply drain attackers;
  • South eastern gate, you can put the treb up against the inner wall.
  • Eastern gate will have better luck from Main north inner gate, this can turn for West gate too.
  • Southwest gate can be hit by treb from West gate, which can turn to west to support defence there.